Climate change adaptation experts from across Europe – and internationally – will come to Glasgow at the beginning of June. The 3rd European Climate Change Adaptation Conference will gather upwards of 1000 delegates for four days of lesson sharing, workshops and excursions across research, policy and practice.

As Scotland’s centre of expertise on climate change ClimateXChange was always going to have an important role to play – first in getting the conference to Scotland, and now in showcasing Scotland’s adaptation approach to the delegates.

ClimateXChange researchers and secretariat will be involved in several session during the conference, covering issues as wide-ranging as:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of adaptation policy and practice
  • How to make better use of publicly funded research in policy development
  • Increasing resilience in Scotland’s forest sector
  • Appraisal methods, research and policy priorities for adapting Scotland’s natural capital

We also have several conference posters and are co-hosting the Climate Ready Scotland showcase.

Showcasing our partnerships

The Climate Ready Scotland Showcase is a collaboration between the Scottish Government, key agencies, and adaptation research and support initiatives, to present Scotland’s unique partnership approach to climate change adaptation at ECCA.

Scotland was awarded the conference based in large part on our partnership approach – a strategic connection across policy, practice and research founded on strong legislation and Government policy, and combined with a strong commitment from society to work together to prepare for the impacts.

The showcase presents case studies on how this partnership is delivering across Scotland’s economy, society and environment.

The showcase has 7 themes:

  • Scotland’s partnership approach to climate change adaptation
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Productivity of land and sea
  • Land use and planning
  • Managing our assets – buildings, infrastructure and cultural heritage
  • Community resilience, health and well-being
  • Business risks, and adaptation products and services

These themes will be presented as an exhibition around a central stage area. This stage will host presentations, Q&As and networking opportunities in all conference breaks. Each theme is presented in more depth in a printed publication for the delegates to take away.

Showcase partners

  • Scottish Government
  • Adaptation Scotland Programme
  • ClimateXChange
  • Glasgow City Council
  • Climate Ready Clyde
  • Scottish Natural Heritage
  • Historic Environment Scotland
  • Scottish Environment Protection Agency
  • Forestry Commission Scotland

Some ECCA sessions with ClimateXChange participation

Time Session number, heading and convener ClimateXChange presentation
Tuesday 6 June 16.00-17.45


6.13 Monitoring and evaluating adaptation in practice: learning from (sub) national examples from Europe and beyond

Timo Leiter, German International Development Agency GIZ and Mike Harley, Climate Resilience Ltd

Monitoring and evaluation of adaptation policy and practice: approach, lessons learned and future developments at various scales across the UK
Tuesday 6 June 16.00-17.45


5.2 Novel methodologies & tools for knowledge coproduction

Kirsty Lewis, Met Office

Bridging a cultural gulf – making better use of publicly funded research in policy development
Wednesday 7 June 10.30-11.00 Climate Ready Scotland stage

Developing adaptation policy based on research – CXC, ASC and the SCCAP

Q&A with Ragne Low, ClimateXChange, Adaptation Sub-Committee representative and Scottish Government
Wednesday 7 June 13.45-15.30 5.3 Learning from coproduction of adaptation practice and climate services Increasing resilience in Scotland’s forest sector: demonstrating adaptation at Queen Elizabeth Forest Park
Thursday 8 June 11.15-13.00 10.5 Adapting Scotland’s natural capital: appraisal methods, research and policy priorities

Dominic Moran SRUC/CXC

Setting and agenda for adaptation policy through ClimateXChange

Adapting livestock to changing disease risk in Scotland

Read more about ECCA

Contact Anne Marte Bergseng, Communications Manager ClimateXChange, if you would like to know more about CXC@ECCA


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